Do you have a new year’s resolution that you have already blown? Was it hard to create or maintain the habit to keep that resolution? I used to have resolutions until like many people, I didn’t follow through on it and ultimately felt like a failure. No more setting myself up for failure; that’s NOT a good start to the year!

A few years ago, I opted for a “word of the year”. What word do I feel would be a benefit to me throughout the year? My word needed to provide me with something to reflect upon and to strive for. I needed to identify why I felt that word spoke to me. I needed to define it in my own terms. I needed to create thoughts around it that I could then focus on, like a mantra. I would think about it, write it down, share it with others and see what comes of the conscious effort surrounding my word. I thought, maybe it was akin to a prayer or taking part in the law of attraction?

Five years ago, I began this journey of my one word. The first year, it was JOY. How happy. How wonderful. I needed JOY in my life. I needed it bad. I felt like an absent corporate executive mom. I had left my larger career, to be closer to home and take on a role, with another company, that was in every way a self-demotion of massive proportion. It was a humongous non-coated pill to swallow but it was a “safe play” that allowed me to avoid the national travel and be a more present working mom. Every day of working in that job was a reminder of where I was and where I wasn’t. I WAS a more present mom. I WASN’T doing what I wanted, with my career.

A little over a year goes by. At about this time, I was also in conversations with my husband supporting the idea of him starting his own company. And so, it did. But, when it did, I never expected him to then turn to me and ask if I would join him. It wasn’t my industry. I had spent 22 years of my life in a single industry, medical device sales. Why leave that industry to start over again in something new? JOY.

Sometimes a seemingly happy word can start as something completely different. I learned that to obtain JOY, I had to make changes. Confining myself to the same box meant I only knew that space. To reach a new level of JOY, I ventured outside my comfort zone. Was it easy? Not at all. Did I sweat? You bet. Did I worry. Constantly. But there was a new-found determination. There was a new purpose. There were new goals. There was endless JOY when I took that leap of faith.

Each year since JOY, I have identified with a new word; too much for a blog, maybe a book of lessons learned. But each year has brought new understanding and growth. If your word is JOY, what will you do to change, get out of the same box you’ve been stuck in?

Maybe, it’s taking up the game of golf to further connect with senior management and that promotion you’ve been wanting. Go ahead! Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself off the tee, they’ll be right there with you. Maybe, it’s to join Women On Course and surround yourself with great women who may not be in your industry, but have just as much to offer in their wisdom and support?

Whatever it is, I wish you well and of course, JOY!

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