Debbie Hackbarth – Phoenix, AZ
Ambassador of the Month – October 2020

Debbie was chosen as ambassador for the month as she has been the ambassador for several events and is always friendly, comes with a big smile and sends a follow up to invite golfers to join her at another event.  She will also send an event summary with pictures to post on social media.  Debbie stands out as we went above and beyond in her role.   One time she was not feeling well the night before an event where she was going to be the ambassador.  She took action and called one of the other members and asked her to fill in if she not feel better in the morning.  She let our Market Leader know she handled the situation.  

We asked Debbie two questions….

Why should women consider WOC?

I joined Women on Course during the summer of 2019. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and my first couple of activities were called “Breakfast & Nine”. I am not normally a morning person, but because of the extreme summer heat, our tee times were for 6:30 am to beat the heat, as best we could. I had spent some time at the driving range over the previous years, but had really never taken my skills out on the course. I was NOT a pretty site! I zig-zagged my way down the fairways that first day and still had a great time! The WOC ladies proved to be very welcoming and encouraging. Beginner golfers receive the best support from those golfers who have played for years. The high-fives feel great too! No one cares if you keep score or need to move your ball out of a difficult spot, when you are first learning how to play. It’s all about golfing for fun, laughing, learning and having fun with new friends.  WOC works with excellent local golf pros and the many gorgeous golf courses located in the “Valley of the Sun” to provide a variety of golf skill & drill clinics at a discount. They are also able to procure tee times for up to 16 women at a time, allowing us to play at an affordable price. I’ve enjoyed playing in several mock scrambles and even won a few great prizes this past year. I’ve had the best time playing golf with WOC and their variety of events have allowed me to put my skills into practice. My golf game has improved greatly and I’ve met many new friends. I believe that every woman should join WOC and give themselves the gift of golf and girlfriends who delight in having fun on the green!

Why have you chosen to be a golf ambassador for WOC?

Sometimes I feel insecure and shy, but after moving 13 times across the United States, I’ve learned to reach out and introduce myself to others. I know what it is like to be the newcomer. I treasure all the new friends I have met through WOC over the past 16 months and look forward to meeting even more wonderful women.  I chose to be a Day of Golf Ambassador for WOC so that I could make sure that everyone felt welcomed at our events.  I like helping people connect with new friends. We have a great group of ladies in our WOC Arizona group and everyone plays an important part in making each person feel welcome and included. We usually take some time after our events to meet for drinks and/or appetizers back at the clubhouse or at one of the local restaurants that have an outdoor patio. Especially during these times of COVID-19, we have been able to continue to be social, while still practicing safe social distancing out in the fresh air. As a WOC golf ambassador, it is my pleasure helping to facilitate these fun golf events!


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