At WOC Golf and Success Series events, our programming kicks off with a thought provoking lifestyle or workstyle topic that is relevant to our audience. Topic speakers will add value by sharing useful tips or inspiration for the event activities to follow.


Speakers will receive the benefit of sharing their knowledge and experience with other women professionals. All potential speakers will go through a review by the Women on Course (WOC) speaker’s council. This council is comprised of WOC founders, business owners and proficient public speakers. The purpose of this council is to examine the content and provide feedback and coaching to the intended speaker to create maximum impact for the WOC audience. Visibility in front of an audience coupled with credibility on delivering a concise discussion on a valued topic provides the individual delivering the talk with a refined skill set and abilities to further connect with a larger audience for personal and professional growth.


Speakers will apply to be selected with priority given to our sponsors in order of rank followed by founders and current members. The WOC speaker’s council will vet each applicant and make a final selection based on speaking skills, relevance and content. Speakers will be confirmed at least 60 days in advance of an event date. WOC has the option to replace a confirmed speaker 45 days prior to an event date, should a sponsor apply and be accepted.

To Apply

Please submit your topic, summary of your presentation with your top 3 take away points to [email protected]. Include a short bio that supports your experience/expertise with this topic as well as prior speaking experience.  Include the following with your submission

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company (years at this company)
  • Contact info
  • Short Bio – less than ½ page
  • WOC Member (how long?)
  • Serve on WOC committee?  Which one?  How long?
  • Mandatory 2 Success Series participation – which ones?
  • Title of Talk
  • Summary of Presentation – 5 sentences or less
  • Top take away points
  • What makes you an expert on this topic?
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