Handicap service available for all members 

As a member of Women on Course you may establish and track an official USGA handicap for an annual cost of $40.  You will be set up with an account under the WOC club registered with Southern California Golf Association.   Members from all states may participate.  You will be assigned a GHIN number and can begin entering scores by logging into the SCGA handicap tracking portal.

Why do I need a handicap?

The most common reason to establish a handicap is to enter golf competitions and tournaments. Handicaps may be required for country club outings or professional tournaments where prize money is at stake. Even in fun rounds between friends, handicaps are used to create well matched teams and equalize scores between players.

Perhaps an even better reason to establish a handicap is to track your own progress with the game. The handicap calculation factors in the difficulty of the courses you play. Monitoring your success solely using your gross score may not accurately indicate that you’re improving, especially if you’re playing harder courses. Handicap systems not only track overall score, but number of putts, tee shots that land in the fairway and other aspects of the game you are working to improve.

How to establish a handicap

In order for a golf handicap to be official, it typically has to be obtained through a club or organization licensed by the United States Golf Association (USGA).  Women on Course is a recognized club in California.  A minimum of 56 holes of golf is required to get started.  You may track scores either by completing 9 or 18 hole rounds. 

When posting scores for your handicap, enter the date of your round, your gross score, the course rating, and the slope rating for the golf course you played.  The rating and slope numbers can be found on the scorecard, though some handicap systems allow you to look up the information in their course database.

To establish a handicap account, JOIN WOC and add the handicap service when completing your online application form.


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