Summer Golf Bag Checklist

As temperatures soar this summer you may be temped to skip a few midday rounds of golf, but you don’t need to wait until fall.  Its easy to get distracted as you try to focus on your July tee shot.  With slippery hands from a fresh application of sunscreen, and those pesky gnats zooming around your head, no wonder the ball ends up going everywhere but towards your target.  With a little advance preparation your summer golf outing will be much more enjoyable, and you’ll save a stop in the pro shop buying last minute supplies. Every summer golf bag should be stocked with items to help keep you cool and comfortable during your round.  And speaking of bags, consider swapping out to a lightweight bag with a built in cooler to carry a frosty beverage!  How many of these items are in your bag right now?

Sunscreen:  Never leave home without it!  Use a spray applicator to keep your hands dry and avoid a slippery grip.

Spray Bottle/Portable Fan:  Create your own ‘beach effect’ with a small spray bottle and a hand-held battery-operated fan.  If you feel overheated, spritz some water into the fan and cool your face, arms and legs.

Hats:  It’s amazing how much cooler a hat will make feel without the sun beating into your eyes and face.  For double duty comfort, spray a bit of Bug Repellant on the brim of your hat to ward of insects. 

Hydration:  Pack a bottle of water (which will be chilled in your cooler compartment) since you never know when the beverage cart will come around.   Sorry, alcoholic beverages don’t count as a hydration choice.  It’s recommended to drink at least one bottle of water for each alcoholic drink to stay hydrated.

Snacks:  Pack some light snacks such as water heavy fruits (grapes, watermelon, peaches) as well as nuts and energy bars to help keep you from feeling sluggish.  If your a trail mix fan, check that it’s chocolate-free.  Heat and chocolate make for messy hands.  

Umbrella:  Shady spots can be as much as 15 degrees cooler than the sun, and not all courses are lined with trees.  If you’re spending time walking or waiting on the course in the blazing sun, an umbrella will provide yourself some instant relief.  And handy for those quick summer storms as well.

Grip Lotion:  For an alternative to a hot leather glove, pack a bottle of a no sweat grip lotion.  Spray it on your hand and it quickly turns powdery to give your hand a nice dry grip on your club.

Makeup Wipes:  After a day in the heat, a foil wrapped makeup wipe is handy to clean up mascara before you head into the air-conditioned clubhouse.  Ahhh, the 19th hole treat after a summer round of golf!

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