There are nearly 20,000 golf courses in the United States. But of course, some are better than others when it comes to welcoming women. Here are a few clues that you’ve found a women friendly course!

1. The Staff
Some clues as to whether or not you’ll be welcomed as a women golfer at a club comes in many different forms.  One of the best indicators begins with a smile from the golf staff.  Look for a courteous welcome, being waited on in turn and no tee time restrictions.  Believe it or not, some clubs still reserve prime tee times for ‘men only’ assuming that women will hold up the show.

2. The Golfers
The other golfers on the course  can make or break whether or not a course is friendly to women.  Some not so subtle clues may come from the club’s regulars. If they aren’t so keen to the idea of women on the course the group behind you might continually staring you down as if you are playing to slow.   Watch if the guys in your foursome zip past your tee box in their haste to get to their drive.  And if they do?  They owe you a glass of chardonnay at the 19th hole!

3. The Clubhouse
If a course wants your business, it will be apparent from their clubhouse. They will have a fully stocked and cleaned women’s locker room. You’ve hit the jackpot if this locker room also has bigger lockers, hair dryers and a steam room! In that case, say hello to your new golf club.

4. The Pro Shop
Women-specific accessories in a pro shop is another great way to get the pulse of a course’s attitude towards women. Along with this, the number of rental sets on hand for women players can reveal a lot. One set is not enough and they should have sets for both right and left-handed players.

5. What’s Posted
Take a look around at the bulletin boards and promotions hanging around the club walls. Is there an active women’s community? Any indication that they offer women specific events or lessons? If so, it’s a good indicator that you’ll have an enjoyable golf experience.

6. The Golf Course
The length, design and availability of facilities all say something about course friendliness to women. Did the club put some thought into where they were going to place the forward tee box? Something overlooked but necessary, is a ladies bathroom on the course. A club that is thoughtful about welcoming to women will make sure these facilities are clean and stocked with toilet paper!

Share with us your tips on how a golf course has gone out of it’s way to welcome you.  We want to know!

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