In today’s competitive business environment women can’t afford NOT to play golf. Golf is one of the few sports that are widely accepted in the workplace as a place to build relationships, and close deals. Among charities, it’s a popular fundraising vehicle and it’s a game that people of all ages can play together.

So what’s holding YOU back from participating? If you’re feeling intimidated, limited by time or just don’t think you’re good enough, Events19 can ease you into the golf lifestyle so you can start enjoying the business benefits and connections that men have been enjoying for years.

 Trade the Old Boys Network for the NEW Girls Network!

  • Where else can you spend five quality hours with your company CEO or valued customers? With today’s busy schedules most of us are lucky if we can get five minutes!
  • You can plan a client meeting in an ‘office’ surrounded by water, nature and sand instead of four white walls.
  • If you want to break into the boys club the odds are good. Only 23% of golfers are women so four times out of five you’ll stand out as the only women in the group.
  • You can trade in your business suit and heels for colorful sportswear and comfy shoes with soft spikes.
  • If you want the undivided attention from three of your colleagues, you can’t beat the first tee (and the seventeen after that) to get noticed.
  • Build your resume with a leadership position at the next industry or charity tournament looking for volunteers.
  • Only 10% of all golfers actually score below 100. So relax, and have fun as you are most likely in the majority.
  • If you have a positive attitude and practice good etiquette the golf course is unique opportunity to impress your associates with your professional character, regardless of your skill level.
  • When the water cooler talk turns to bogies and birdies, you’ll be able to participate and get invited to play.
  • It’s an opportunity to triple dip with your time! Network for business, engage in a healthy activity and build confidence and skills all at the same time.

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