FastTrack to the First Tee

Our exclusive online program will get you golf course ready in less than a week!

Whether you want to be ready for a corporate outing or a recreational day on the golf course, all you need is a few hours to complete our FastTrack online program. Track your progress with an online scorecard as you learn what to wear, what to bring, what skills to master, and more! And with a Women on Course Membership, gain access to more benefits including discounts on golf apparel, organized events and access to a robust national community.

Beginner Friendly Golf Instructions

Simply follow our Prepare | Practice | Play format, and you’ll be ready for a round of golf in no time!

Developed For Women By Women

Our exclusive online program teaches you everything you need to get course ready in nine easy steps.

FastTrack Basic $69

Small investment, big reward

  • Lifetime access to FastTrack course materials
  • 3 month Women on Course membership


FastTrack Premiere $149

Learn with benefits

  • Lifetime access to FastTrack course materials
  • 1 Year Women on Course membership


FastTrack Ultimate $399

Receive a set of clubs!

  • Lifetime access to FastTrack course materials
  • 1 Year Women on Course membership
  • Temporarily Unavailable


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  • As a beginner, I definitely felt intimidated by the thought of playing one hole, let alone an entire round of 18! But the excellent information in FastTrack was easy to follow and fun to read - and now I feel prepared to play!

    - Monika, President, Jansen Communications

Lesson Plan


Hole 1: Game Overview

Like many sports, golf has a unique culture and language. Learn how the game is played and what the terms mean.

Hole 2: Golf Equipment

Golf clubs are available in numerous shapes and sizes. We explain types of golf clubs and what you actually need in your bag.

Hole 3: Dress Code

Feel confident and comfortable on the course. We walk you through dress code basics and how to choose flattering apparel.

Hole 4: Etiquette & Rules:

In golf, many traditions are unspoken rules. From respecting other players to proper behavior on the course, we have you covered.

Hole 5: Score Card Basics

No need to count strokes when you're just starting out! But as you improve, we detail how to keep score.


Hole 6: Golf Lessons

Because golf is a difficult game to master, we highly recommend lessons. Learn what to expect and how to choose an instructor.

Hole 7: Practice Makes Perfect

The guidelines and goals in this section will reinforce your golf lessons and help you improve your game faster.


Hole 8: Get Course Ready

You don't need to be an expert golfer to play a round of golf. We explain why course readiness is different from skill level.

Hole 9: Let's Play a Round

We share our top tips and most valuable advice to ensure your transition into a course ready golfer is fun and exciting.