If your answer is YES to all 5 statements you are course ready!

  •     I understand 'PACE OF PLAY' and will advance my ball if left behind.
  •     I practice GOLF ETIQUETTE to respect other players and the golf course.
  •     I am able to make BALL CONTACT at least 70% of the time.
  •     I am familiar with my GOLF CLUB DISTANCES and know which club to use.
  •     I am a self reliant golfer and play with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Now that you are ready for a round of golf, we suggest Three Ways to Play.


A prepared golfer is a more confident golfer!

Be on Time

Fashionably late is frowned upon at the golf course. Arrive at the first tee box 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time. That is considered on time! Allow ample time to drop off your golf bag, change into golf shoes, make your payment in the golf shop and visit the restroom beforehand.

Dress Code

Golfers are expected to be properly dressed for the game. Typically the more elite the club, the more conservative the dress code will be. When in doubt, call ahead or check the website for a written dress code. As a general rule a collar is required with a sleeveless top. If the top has sleeves, a collar is not required. Tank tops, graphic tee shirts and halter tops are typically not allowed. On the bottom keep shorts, skirts, dresses and skorts no shorter than four to five inches above the knee. Jeans, leggings, cargo shorts, yoga pants, and sweat pants are typically not allowed. Golf shoes are made for stability and comfort are preferred, but a pair of sneakers are acceptable.

Golf Etiquette

Golf has a long history, and many of its traditions, practices, and unspoken rules are not intuitive. Golf etiquette goes beyond everyday manners encompasing the safety of golfers, respecting the course, and playing at a good pace. Make sure you are a popular player and are well versed in all aspects of golf etiquette.