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Natalie Gulbis and Michelle Wie

In the last couple of years, golf fashion for women and men (THANKGAWD!!!) has really caught up with the 21st century.  We’ve seen men like Ian Poulter and Camilo Villegas  rockin’ powder puff pink and neon orange and women like Christina Kim , Natalie Grublis  and Michelle Wie wearing short shorts, short skorts, funky tops and bright colors.  Periodically, I read a blog or article about how some of the young women on the LPGA are just taking their fashion statements too far…..or in this case, too short.  And, for my own personal opinion, I totally disagree!

I’m glad that the golf course has now become a place where you can play a game that you love, and express your personality in the clothes you wear.  Young women like Michelle Wie and Natalie Gulbis have absolutely AWESOME bodies and more power to them for being able to show them off.  Trust me, they won’t be able to forever, I know! But right now, they’ve got strong, beautiful, athletic bodies that I am happy for my granddaughter to see and admire.  Their bodies are not uber-skinny or anorexic but the vision of health, strength and power. So, why not put on a short skort if it reflects who you are?

Christina Kim

Christina Kim is know for her zany personality.  She is outgoing and outrageous – a true individual. So, it makes sense to me that she should and does dress on the golf course to reflect who she is.  Kim Welch  made her mark on Big Break Ka’annapali with her signature scarf, sunglasses and low-rise capri pants. Natalie Gulbis is by far one of the most attractive women on the tour and her short skirts have plenty of men tuning in to watch her play golf, including my very own boyfriend.  Now, while her legs may be the initial attraction, the girl has got plenty of game.  The sport of golf needs young women to carry it on, and whether old-timers like it or not, new fashions standards are part of the package!

Kim Welch

I love everything about golf, including the history of a very conservative and gentile sport that has the highest levels of graciousness and good manners. I love that golf is finally offering players, especially women, the freedom to express their personalities in their fashion choices.  Every now and then there is an outfit that I look at and think “seems a bit short” and that did happen when I saw Hee Young Park during the Honda PTT LPGA Thailand.  Her shorts are short – however, she does have the body to carry them off and I would rather have her out there being herself, expressing her personality and appealing to the younger generation of women who view her as a really hip, healthy athlete playing golf.  And, in the element of full

Park Hee Young

disclosure, if I was 30 years younger, I’d be wearing the same thing.

The PGA Without Tiger? ABSOLUTELY!

TVI must admit:  I need something to perk my golf-spirits up. The last couple of weeks have been a bit demoralizing with the Tiger scandal.  I’m not going to touch upon THAT – I hold true to my December 4th posting – but none of us can escape the fact that the perception of  professional golf has taken a wee bit of a beating these past couple of weeks.  I think one of the things that was a bit depressing for me was watching The Sports Commentators this past Sunday on ESPN debate about how golf, specifically the PGA  tour, has become solely dependent on Tiger Woods because he brings in the TV ratings.  And, holey gucamoley, what EVER will the PGA tour do for ratings while he is taking his “break”????  Can it possibly survive? 

Mitch Albom made a sad but unfortunately true observation that it appears TV ratings have become the measure of a sport.  Unfortunately, when it gets to that point, the sport is no longer being played just for the sport but for the ratings. 

Thank goodness there were some bright spots in the show.

Kudos to Jeremy Schaap who pointed out that in the past 12 tournaments that have been played, 10 have been won by someone other than Tiger Woods.  Bravo to Mitch Albom  for pointing out the obvious:  there was the PGA before Tiger and there will be the PGA after Tiger. The sport is perfectly capable of continuing on without him – it has and it will. The Masters will be played if Tiger shows up or not. People who love golf, love it with or without him.  The PGA will not simply STOP because Tiger Woods has to get his house in order. But it was Bob Ryan who I wanted to jump through my TV, onto the set and give a big hug! Bob knows there are some exceptionally talented golfers on the PGA and let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater because Tiger isn’t going to be on TV for a bit. People can open their minds and embrace the talent of these sharp players. Bob, I LOVE YOU!  Mike Lupica – yikes!   I personally think that all he is going to be able to focus on during Tiger’s hiatus is when is he coming back.  He might even practice his royal bow and curtesy in preparation for his return.  Poor Mike.  There is the potential he could miss a lot of good golf being played in the meantime.  Oh, and Mike:  you might want to make a note: Tiger didn’t break his leg; he had reconstructive surgery on his knee.  Big dif, dude.

We see it with the LPGA – well, that’s my point:  we DON’T see it because of the lack of/spotty TV coverage.  Ratings translate to sponsors and that translates to money and so the circle continues. This past year this “circle” hit the LPGA hard, very hard.  But, the LPGA is far from dead and women’s golf is continuing onward – regardless.  Just ask Michelle Wie, Lorena Ochoa and Christina Kim.

Ratings are ratings and I don’t dispute the fact that Tiger brings a lot of non-golfers to the sport and that brings in big ratings.  As a golfer, I want the sport to be big – very big.  I want the things I care about to be successful.  However, I will not accept that Tiger makes or breaks the PGA tour.  I will not accept that the PGA tour will be  “less than” because Tiger isn’t on the course. 

So, I want to raise my glass to Ernie, Phil, Steve, Camilo, Kenny, Zach, Sean, Geoff, Y.E., Angel, Stewart, Padraig, Ian, Mike, Anthony, Retief, Adam, Hunter, Tim………………….

Michelle Wie: Undercover Artist

Michelle Wie:  Artist

Michelle Wie: Artist

Most of the time when we hear about Michelle Wie,  it is in relation to her golfing accomplishments.  However there is more to Ms. Wie than meets the eye.  She has started a blog called A Black Flamingo  that showcases her artistic and fashion explorations.  What makes the blog really interesting is there is no sign of Michelle or golf on it!  No pictures of herself, no self-marketing or self-promotion and no golf.  Just her own funky creative outlet!  She started dabbling in art to escape everything and one thing lead to another.  She has started designing her own clothes and has gotten creative with spray paint as well. 

What I love about this is it shows that there is so much more to Michelle…..and to all of us.  She isn’t trying to sell anything or impress anyone.  This blog appears to simply be just for her.  While we all have our main priorities and responsibilities:  raising a family, earning a living, taking care of our homes…..the list is endless…… there is that secret special side of us that needs to escape and just dabble in an outlet that gives us joy and expression.  Whether it be art, writing, music, cooking……the list of possibilities goes on and on.  It reminds me how important it is to nurture and explore that side of ourselves.

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