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Pack Your Summer Golf Bag

Pack Your Summer Golf Bag

As temperatures soar this summer you may be temped to skip a few midday rounds of golf, but don’t miss out until fall.  As you stand over your July tee shot it’s easy to get distracted from your game.  With slippery hands from a fresh application of sunscreen, and those pesky gnats zooming around your head,  no wonder the ball is going anywhere but on target. With a little advance preparation, make your summer golf outing more enjoyable, and save a bundle buying last minute supplies in the pro shop. Every summer golf bag should be stocked with items to help keep you cool and comfortable during your round.  And speaking of bags, consider swapping out to a lightweight bag with a built in cooler for beverages.

 Sunscreen:  Never leave home without it!  It is recommended that you apply a sweat-resistant sunscreen for every hour in the sun.  Protected skin will feel cooler then burned skin.  Spray applicators will to keep your hands dry when you reapply.

 Spray Bottle/Portable Fan:  Create your own ‘beach effect’ with a small spray bottle and a hand-held battery-operated fan.  If you feel overheated, spritz some water into the fan and cool your face, arms and legs.

 Hats:  It’s amazing how much cooler a hat will make feel without the sun beating into your eyes and face.  For double duty comfort, spray a bit of Bug Repellant on the brim of your hat to ward of insects. 

 Hydration:  Be sure to drink plenty of water, which will be chilled if your golf bag has a handy cooler built in.  Sorry, alcoholic beverages don’t count as a hydration choice.  It is recommended to have at least one bottle of water for each alcoholic drink.

 Snacks:  Pack some light snacks such as water heavy fruits (grapes, watermelon, peaches) as well as nuts and energy bars to help keep you from feeling sluggish.  Be sure your trail mix is chocolate-free which will quickly melt in your golf bag.

 Umbrella:  Shady spots can be as much as 15 degrees cooler than the sun, and not all courses are lined with trees.  If you’re spending time walking or waiting on the course in the blazing sun, an umbrella will provide yourself some instant relief.

 Grip Lotion:  For an alternative to a hot leather glove, pack a bottle of a no sweat grip lotion.  Spray on your hand and it quickly turns powdery to give your hand a nice dry grip on your club.

 Make Your First On Course Experience Successful 

 Prepare and Prepare Again:  Many women do not realize all the rules, etiquette and skills necessary to have fun on the golf course.   The golf course (and your fellow players) expect you to have mastered a certain degree of knowledge and skill.  Be sure you have the appropriate equipment, basic knowledge of the game and hours logged at the practice range before you venture onto the course.

 Play Golf with a Mentor:  It seems so easy on the driving range, but once you get on the course there are layers of rules and etiquette expected of you.  Bring an experienced golfer to help you navigate the course and keep a proper pace of play.  Look for Women on Course Mentored ‘Nine & Wine’ Events (link to which are designed to help golfers become course ready.

 Book a Late Afternoon Tee Time:  Summer means longer days and more available tee times.  Many courses offer lower ‘twilight rates’ when you book tee times in the late afternoon.  Not only will you save a few dollars, but typically courses are not as crowded so you might not have golfers playing right behind you, which can feel intimidating for the new golfer.

Bring a Dozen Golf Balls:  Not all new golfers realize that this game often requires more than one ball to play a round of golf!  Searching for lost balls and fishing them out of the water takes up valuable time.  Best to bring at least a dozen and hope for the best.

I’m Screwed!


It doesn't "pop" but.............

I love drinking wine just as much as I love playing golf and the two activities are such a perfect pairing: play golf then drink wine! I also put as much effort into my wine drinking as I do my golf swing so you might imagine my shock when I noticed the arrival of the “screw cap” on the wine scene.  In the element of full disclosure, I will admit that I reacted like a total snob to the screw cap and could not believe that any decent winery would take that route. I felt it was for cheap bottles of wine and not the “good” kinda of cheap either! Heaven forbid!!!

However, after chatting with the sommelier at the Flemings Steakhouse in Tyson Corner, VA, I was educated on the benefits of the mighty screw cap and now, am a fan! While corks in wine bottles are traditional and romantic and NOTHING sounds better than the “pop” of a cork as it finally releases from the bottle, corks over time, break down and let air in. And just like my golf swing: when it starts to break down, nothing good happens!!!! So, the screw cap keeps the air out and the wine perfect. Just like i have a golf pro to keep problems out of my golf swing, the screw cap keeps the air out of my wine!

Now, once again, the visual of bottles of wines on their side is traditional, romantic and decorative. However, it can be a problem when you live in a 1500 square foot condo with limited storage! The screw cap gives storage options as well – i can store the bottles standing up………….right next to my golf bag!! ! So, while I miss that “pop” of a cork, I am now a total screw cap convert.

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