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"Last night was one very classy, very fun affair.  Thanks, for a great introduction to golf!" 
Betsy, Financial Advisor

 “I continue to be impressed with the amazing caliber of women who attend your events.”  
Lisa, IT Specialist
 “THANK YOU for putting together an awesome experience! I met so many new gals and the golf course was absolutely breathtaking.  No wonder people rave about this game.”  
Susan, Marketing Director

  Philadelphia November 22, 2014 Brunch
  Tampa February 3, 2015 Happy Hour
  Philadelphia February 4, 2015 Happy Hour
  Orange County February 7, 2015 Luncheon
  Orlando February 10, 2015 Happy Hour
  Jacksonville February 18, 2015 Happy Hour
  Ft. Lauderdale February 19, 2015 Happy Hour
  Northern VA February 28, 2015 Luncheon
  San Diego February 28, 2015 Luncheon
  Dallas February 28, 2015 Luncheon
  Houston February TBD Luncheon
  Phoenix March 1, 2015 Golf Experience
  Hartford March 3, 2015 Happy Hour
  Atlanta March 17, 2015 Luncheon
  Dallas March 25, 2015 Golf Experience
  Boston March 26, 2015 Luncheon
  Philadelphia March 28, 2015 Luncheon
  San Diego March 31, 2015 Golf Experience
  Denver March TBD Luncheon
  San Francisco March TBD Luncheon
  Knoxville April 9, 2015 Happy Hour
  Northern Virginia April 15, 2015 Happy Hour
  Chicago April 23, 2015 Luncheon
  San Francisco May 4, 2015 Golf Experience
  Atlanta May 13, 2015 Golf Experience
  Philadelphia May 20, 2015 Golf Experience



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